The ZM-4BN matches its sleek design and high-resolution optics with a brawny boom-stand for demanding biological and industrial applications. The ZM series shows improvements in resolution, contrast, and distortion compared to our staple SM series. This model is especially popular in the QC, repair and engraving industries thanks to its ease-of-use and reliability. With its wide zoom range and double-arm boom-stand, this model will become an indispensable instrument in any workshop or lab. The addition of a trinocular photo-port allows a camera to be used without removal of an eyepiece.


The advanced optical system in the ZM series microscope produces higher resolutions throughout its zoom range, with stunning contrast and color accuracy. The 0.67X-4.5X objective lenses offer excellent focus-depth and a large working-distance, with symmetrical zoom knobs to easily move through magnifications. 10X eyepieces are included, as well as 0.3X and 2X Barlow lenses to provide an expanded magnification range from 2X-90X, with high-eyepoint optics to accommodate glasses or goggles.

Ocular Adjustment

This model does not have integrated ocular diopters, opting for focusable eyepieces instead. This helps maintain consistent focus when dioptric adjustments are not needed. Locking screws on each ocular tube will prevent rotation when adjusting focusable eyepieces, and stop eyepieces from falling out. Sliding interpupillary adjusters ensure that each user can properly align the eyepieces for comfortable viewing.

Trinocular Port

The switched trinocular photo-port provides a dedicated mount for a camera. When the photo-port is switched open, all light from the left objective is diverted to the port to provide maximum brightness for the camera to guarantee the best quality images.

Double-arm Boom-Stand

The multi-pivoting, double-arm stand provides a stable, flexible support system, ideal for hands-on work. Use of a drop-down column allows the head to be positioned at virtually any angle. Ball-bearing provide smooth movement of the lateral arms, which can easily pivot the microscope out of the way when it is not needed. The heavy, steel base ensures the stability of the microscope, even when laden with attachments.


Microscope Head
Head Type Trinocular, 45° incline, 360° rotatable
Optical System Greenough stereoscopic
Interpupillary Adjustment Sliding, 54-76mm
Ocular-port Diameter 30mm
Dioptric Adjustment None; use focusable eyepieces
Eyepieces 10X, 10X
Photo Port height-adjustable 23mm tube
Objective Lenses 0.67X-4.5X zoom, NA 0.0715 @ 4.5X
Objective Resolution 214.5 lp/mm @ 4.5X
Native Field-of-View 4.9mm-28.6mm
Native Working Distance 100mm
Auxiliary Lens Mount 48mm thread
Auxiliary (Barlow) Lenses Included 48mm thread: 0.3X, 287mm working distance2X, 30mm working distance
Stand Type Double-arm boom-stand with ball-bearing movement, cast-steel base
Stand Dimensions 20″ double-arm (overall length: 30″), 17″ high pillar, 10-1/4″x8-1/4″x2″
Focusing-block Focus Range 50mm

Packing List:

  • One trinocular stereo microscope head
  • One photo port attachment
  • One pair 10X eyepieces
  • One 0.3X Barlow lens
  • One 2X Barlow lens
  • One pair eye-guards
  • Dust caps
  • One double-arm boom-stand with focusing rack
  • Additional information


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    2X-90X Premium Trinocular Stereo Microscope on Double-arm Boom-stand

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