Trinocular Simul-Focal Lockable Stereo Zoom Microscope w/Optional Digital Camera on Single Arm Boom Stand

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Trinocular Simul-Focal Lockable Stereo Zoom Microscope w/Optional Digital Camera on Single Arm Boom Stand


The SM-3NTP is a heavy-duty, highly-flexible microscope designed for biological and industrial applications. This model is especially popular in the QC, repair and engraving industries thanks to its ease-of-use and reliability. This model features a zoom-lock to maintain consistent magnification when needed, and uses focusable eyepieces rather than integrated dioptric adjusters. With its wide zoom range and single-arm boom-stand, this model will become an indispensable instrument in any workshop or lab. This trinocular model has an additional port for mounting a camera, which is simul-focal so it can be used simultaneously with both eyepieces.


The stereo optics provide clear, sharp images with excellent focus-depth and a large working-distance. With 0.7X-4.5X zoom objectives, moving through the magnification range is as easy as turning a knob. A zoom-lock allows the objectives to be set to a consistent magnification when needed. 10X wide-field eyepieces provide an ample magnification range from 7X to 45X, with high-eyepoint optics to accommodate glasses or goggles.

Ocular Adjustment

The ocular tubes are not equipped with dioptric adjusters, so focus is more consistent. Focusable eyepieces are included to compensate for vision irregularities, and are available in various optional magnifications. Rotating interpupillary adjusters simplify the process of aligning the eyepieces for each user.

Simul-focal Trinocular Port

The simul-focal optics in this microscope allow the trinocular port to be used simultaneously with both eyepieces. This means a camera can stream live images from the microscope while you continue to work with full stereoscopic vision. This is accomplished by sharing the left objective lens with the left ocular and the photo-port. This microscope uses our CX series trinocular port, so it can be easily replaced with optional C-mount ports to match specific cameras.

Single-arm Boom-Stand

The multi-pivoting stand provides a stable, flexible support system, ideal for hands-on work. The single-arm design provides heavy-duty support in a simple form. The head can be turned 360°, the focus-block can swing in either direction, and the lateral arm can rotate and swing to position the head at virtually any angle. The heavy, steel base ensures the stability of the microscope, even when laden with attachments.


Microscope Head
Head Type Simul-focal trinocular, 45° incline, 360° rotatable
Optical System Greenough stereoscopic
Interpupillary Adjustment Compensation-free gemel, 54-75mm
Ocular-port Diameter 30mm
Dioptric Adjustment none (use focusable eyepieces)
Eyepieces 10X
Photo Port height-adjustable 23mm tube, SM series, simul-focal
Objective Lenses 0.7X-4.5X lockable zoom
Objective Numerical Aperture 0.065 @ 4.5X0.02 @ 0.7X
Objective Resolution 195 lp/mm @ 4.5X60 lp/mm @ 0.7X
Native Field-of-View 4.4mm-28.6mm
Native Working Distance 100mm
Auxiliary (Barlow) Lens none included
Stand Type Single-arm boom-stand, cast-steel base
Stand Dimensions 16″ arm (overall length: 24″), 17″ high pillar, 9″ x 9″ x 1-3/4″ solid cast steel base
Focusing-block Focus Range 50mm

Packing List:

  • One trinocular stereo microscope head
  • One photo port attachment
  • 10X eyepiece(s)
  • One single-arm boom-stand with focusing rack
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    7X-45X, 3.5X-45X, 7X-90X, 7X-135X, 3.5X-90X, 3.5X-180X

    Camera Type

    none selected, USB 2.0, USB 3.0

    Camera Pixels

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    Trinocular Simul-Focal Lockable Stereo Zoom Microscope w/Optional Digital Camera on Single Arm Boom Stand

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